Urgent Call for Help

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Alexandre Bota

Alexandre has been working with us for almost 20 years. It is he who takes care of our animals, for the activities of the BUSARA project.

3 days ago, his thumb was caught in a rope that caused a cut all around the finger up to the bone. I rush with him to the Vilankulo hospital; I cannot find a doctor or a nurse in the emergency room. The waiting row is long. He bleeds and is full of pains. I return to the reception and the person in charge tells me, calmly, to wait for a nurse to come (do not know when). There is a private clinic in Vilankulo and I decide to take him there, but it was already past 5 pm and it was closed. I call and a half an hour later 2 doctors arrive. They medicate him, they stitch all together and say to come back the following day to make an X-ray, to see if the bone has been damaged. Result: yes, the bone has been touched.

I contact a surgeon friend in Maputo and the next day he takes the plane to the capital. The surgery work done the day before must be redone because it was not done well. Today we will know if they have to amputate his finger, but I have asked to do everything possible not to amputate it.

We have no money available at this time and we have asked to get credit until the end of the treatment. We need your help. So far, the bill is about 1000 euros. Depending on what will be done in the coming days, it could even reach 2000 euros. Please help us to save his finger.

From the Heart – Barbara